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Divorcing Without Lawyers
Orlando family law mediator court

Representing yourself in a legal matter, also known as pro se, is an increasingly popular way couples are choosing to handle their divorces and other family law matters.  Whether it is to save costs, or because the parties are going for an amicable divorce, mediation is a wonderful forum for pro se couples to hash out a settlement agreement that addresses all of their issues.  


Because couples who are representing themselves are often trying to save money or cannot afford expensive attorney retainers, we offer special pricing for mediation sessions.  We also assist couples with Pre Filing Mediation, which is a mediation for couples who would like to work out an agreement before filing the petition with the court so that the petition can be uncontested.       Uncontested petitions occur when all issues have been resolved and the parties are not contesting anything.  Typically, uncontested petitions proceed through the court system quickly (within 90 days of filing). Please call or email to find out specific rates for pro se mediation.  


For more information about making divorce affordable through mediation, please click here and read this blog post about pro se mediation.  Below, you can also find a link for the Family Law Forms you can download for free from the Florida Supreme Court Self Help Center.


Link for Self Help Family Law Forms



Watch our informational videos below:   

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